Shahrukh Khan: Aamir Khan Didn’t Have To Apologies

Shahrukh Khan23

It seems that Shah Rukh Khan has buried the hatchet with Aamir Khan ever since the “Ghajini” star apologised to his children for making fun of him. Shah Rukh said he has no hard feelings for his colleague.

“We often visit each other’s home and we have love and respect for each other. I don’t think there was any need for him to apologise because it is not really a big thing for me. Both of us don’t take these things seriously but it is the media that exaggerates the whole situation,” Shah Rukh said via tele-conference here Thursday from Mumbai.

Aamir tendered an apology to Shah Rukh’s kids for hurting their sentiments before taking a pot shot at the latter when he mentioned his wife Kiran in an answer to a reporter as “Kkk… Kiran” – a dialogue made famous by Shah Rukh in his 1993 hit “Darr”.

“I’ve offered my heartfelt apologies to Shah Rukh’s kids, not to Shah Rukh but to his kids,” Aamir had recently said.