SRK And Imran Fly To South Africa For FIFA Final Showdown


Football fever really seems to have gripped Bollywood. Not only are the stars closely following their favourite teams in the tournament, but some of them are even taking a break from their busy schedules to fly down to South Africa to catch up the final matches.
And it’s none other than Shah Rukh Khan who takes the lead here. The actor and his family are flying to South Africa to be a part of the football frenzy, which is currently gripping the world. Confirming the news, a source said, “Aryan is an ardent football fan, like his father and will be flying to South Africa to watch the finals. At the moment, the entire family is holidaying in London. Shah Rukh was on a Europe tour with his family, spending quality time with his kids, his wife and a couple of friends. Shah Rukh and his kids have been following football religiously even there and are very keen to watch the finals at the stadium in South Africa because all the action will now be live.”

Talking about the family’s love for the sport the source added, “Shah Rukh’s kids love football. SRK also plays and coaches his daughter and her friends in football. The family’s favourite teams are Argentina, Spain, Germany, and Brazil amongst which Germany and Spain will be playing against each other to qualify for the finals.”
However it’s not only SRK who is going all the way to SA to catch the finals, Imran Khan too is going to SA. Confirming the news, Imran said, “I’m flying for the finals with friends on Friday. I’m supporting Germany.”