SRK :‘Farah And I Are Friends Forever’


Shah Rukh Khan clears all rumors about his fall out with director/choreographer, Farah Khan.

“No please, there is nothing wrong between me and Farah. You guys are making a dream within a dream like Inception. You dream of a story, then you ask a question within a dream and get an answer there and assume it is right. This is nothing of that sort. We are always friends in the film industry.”

” If I am working in a film I am always in touch with a particular actor or a director. If I am not working with them, I may not be in touch with them. But then I love Farah a lot and wish her film with Akshay Kumar does well. Akshay is also a good friend and I want his films to do well too,” says Khan putting an end to all speculations about the so called “war” between him and his close friend who had once sworn not to make a film ever without him.