Preity Prefers Being Lonesome!

Preity Zinta When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Ask Preity Zinta, who chose an ideal outlet for the stress built-up over work and emotional trauma. She chose to spend time by herself on a 20-day trip to LA and New York.

A source said, "Preity has been stressed out for a while now. Ever since the IPL began, she has been on her toes. Though she is the owner of Kings XI Punjab, she chose to don the role of an active team member at the beck and call of her team members. As a result, she would wake up much earlier than everyone did and go to sleep only after her team members hit the sack. Her enthusiasm cost her health and very soon she was down with a sore throat and fever.

To add to her woes, her break-up with Ness Wadia, her long-time industrialist boyfriend, started doing the rounds at the same time. Already stressed because of her broken relationship, Preity was slowly getting bogged down by the media attention. She was waiting for the right opportunity to get away from the spotlight. Once the IPL was over, she came to Mumbai to complete some paper work and meet her mother. She eventually flew off for a 20-day vacation to LA and New York on Wednesday night."

Confident that her impromptu holiday plans would nurse her wounds and her exhausted mind, Preity is also looking forward to letting her hair down. The source added, "She’s a mature person who doesn’t want to lie low and appear like a heartbroken lover. Preity wants to enjoy life and has already planned activities like catching up on movies and attending rock concerts. This well-deserved break is also a golden opportunity for her to catch up with old friends in LA and New York, whom she hasn’t met for years."

The dimpled actress was so kicked about her holiday plans that she even backed out of performing at an awards function.

Though Preity was unavailable for comment, her spokesperson confirmed the news. She said, "Yes, Preity has taken off on a holiday to LA and New York for 20 days. She’s been working hard and needed a break very badly."