Is Rakhi Planning To Dump Elesh?

Rakhi Sawant5

Rakhi Ka Swayamwar achieved everything a television reality show would want. It had high TRPs, huge controversy and added to it a spice called Rakhi Sawant it could not have been any bigger on the small screen. But now questions are being raised whether the Rakhi’s swayamwar was just another scripted reality shows aimed at garnering high TRP ratings and bountiful Ad revenue.

The script had it that Rakhi would not to tie knot with anyone at the end of the show and the winner would choose money over Rakhi with the item queen seeking public sympathy. All was going well till two ousted contestants revealed the plot. The producers wanting the show to look authentic came out with a unique solution of Rakhi getting engaged rather that tying the knot at the end.

Two weeks after the grand finale Rakhi Sawant  has already started raising doubts over her fiancée Elesh Parujanwala. First she skipped his sister’s wedding and then questioned his loyalty citing his multiple affairs in the past. She also said that she and Elesh weren’t made for each other. Hang on Rakhi this is the same person you were going gaga praising just about 10 days ago.
Conspiracy theorists believe all that is happening is scripted. Rakhi never had plans to get married on the NDTV Imagine show Rakhi Ka Swayamwar and her raising doubts over Elesh is just another plot. They believe Rakhi and Elesh are heading for a high profile split which will save the face for Rakhi as well as NDTV Imagine. Well with Rakhi around nothing is impossible.