Is Rakhi Sawant Ka Swayamwar A Sham?

Rakhi Sawant2

On last Saturday a popular news channel, News 24 did a sting operation on NDTV Imagine’s reality show Rakhi Ka Swayamwar. With hidden cameras they met two booted out contestants from the show who candidly revealed all the embarrassing facts regarding the show. One contestant from Kashmir who is a Police constable by profession even revealed that the makers knew he was married and had three kids yet they made him participate on the show.

But if our sources are to be trusted then there are more shocking facts lined up ahead. Our source claims, “Rakhi Sawant is not going to get married to any of the contestants. The whole thing is a sham. Rakhi is no fool to get married to a reality show contestant. One can recollect her ex-boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi has been a reality show contestant as well. He was a product of Zee’s Cinestars Ki Khoj. She has time and again spoken about her bad experience about getting in a relationship with a nobody like him who used her for financial benefits.”

He further reveals, “When the show reaches its grand finale time and Rakhi finally gets down to making her final choice amongst the last remaining contestants, the makers of the show will be giving the contestants an option of either choosing big money or Rakhi. The guys will opt for the money bag over Rakhi.”

“This will be revealed to Rakhi and the drama queen that she is will throw a fit and express her disappointment and disqualify them. So finally that’s how she will still remain unmarried on the show. If the TRPs go on to increase till the show finale, then a season 2 cannot be ruled out.” concludes our source.

Another source reveals, “Such a show was originally being planned with Bobby Darling but that was for another TV Channel. The makers however chickened out at the last minute to go ahead getting worried about the backlash.”

We then wonder why all this tamasha of getting in celebrities on each episode and making the contestants perform silly tasks. Then you also have special time dedicated to Rakhi venting out all her vent up frustrations about her personal life. Sorry boss it is not entertainment. But well like a senior actor reveals, “In TV nowadays there is only one mantra – ‘TRPs ke liye kuch bhi karega and after all Rakhi too is benefiting from the show by not just the means of good money but also so much screen time dedicated to her dressed in the best of the costumes.”