Salman Will Back On Twitter


After Salman Khan’s rather disastrous time post his 26/11 centric imbroglio and the political whipping thereafter, the actor had tweeted that he was planning to quit the micro blogging site.

Hordes of fans, close pals and family folks, however, have advised him to the contrary. His mailbox has been crammed with messages from Khan’s abiding admirers advising him not to quit Twitter.

States a source close to Khan, "Salman will not stop tweeting, nor will he delete his account, because that will mean rolling a red carpet for the imposters. He has taken a break from tweeting. Salman has been very upset and in a very foul mood since the past few days ever since this controversy erupted. We’ve made him realise that Twitter is a great way to stay connected with his fans. Once matters are settled, Salman will get back to tweeting, but he won’t be tweeting so regularly like before. As of now, he is not tweeting at the moment. He was so upset that he could not enjoy the success of his latest film ‘Dabangg’."

Incidentally, Imran Khan and Sonu Niigaam too had threatened to quit Twitter, though neither of them has deleted their account.